January to June 1983

Humanitarian expedition

In 1983, at the age of 15, Pascal engaged in a great human adventure. Recruited at Morgins by Philippe de Dieuleveult, he and 26 other French speaking teenagers embarked on  a humanitarian expedition through North Africa. Their main objective was to bring material collected in Europe to the most disadvantaged regions. Six months and 33,000 km later, their mission was accomplished. This experience has taught him the true meaning of sharing and has given him a strong vision of humanity. The stars of Tanezrouft and the Sahara inspired him with hope for a better world.

Equipped with a strong believe and faith in mankind, Pascal has continued for close to 30 years his dream for peace through dialogue, solidarity and friendship.

Newspaper "La Poste" 1/2002

Newspaper "La Poste" 12/2004