Proven management experience

As Director of Strategy at the Universal Postal Union, Pascal Clivaz was the driving force behind shaping the Nairobi Postal Strategy, the organisation’s four-year roadmap which he is closely following the implementation.



  • Respect for diversity
  • Promotion of multilateral cooperation
  • Believe in integrity and transparency
  • Support solidatity an equity



  • Vast experience within the UPU and the postal sector
  • Multilingual and multicultural background
  • Varied activities in public and private organisations
  • Long-term management responsibilities
  • Widely recognised for strategic thinking and future vision as UPU Director of Strategy
  • Known for efficient and accountable resource management as UPU Director of Finance

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Director of International Affairs at Swiss Post for five years, Pascal Clivaz was responsible for contacts with the UPU and Head of the Swiss delegation to the Council of Administration and the Postal Operations Council. He represented Switzerland as Chairman of the Drafting Committee at the 23rd UPU Congress.

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